Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I just bootlegged a Burzum album

So, there's a chick here that seems to have taken a shine to me. Oh no.

So I go to American Heritage (lame class btw) last week. I come in just before class starts, so empty seats are sparse. The most easily available seat is sort of towards the back and just inside from the end of the row. I grab it. Next to me is some chick with glasses. She's more or less nondescript; nothing too memorable. I pull out my computer and attempt to give seller feedback on Amazon (for a Confederate flag and a Scots dictionary). No wireless. Darn. Nothing notable rest of class.

Next day. I'm walking across some crosswalk somewhere. Whom do I see? None other than glasses chick. Nothing unusual. At a university with a student body 30,000 strong, you never know whom you're going to run into. Thing is, she waves at me. A cutesy wave with wiggling fingers and everything. I note this as bizarre - she doesn't know me. We didn't say a word to each other in class the previous day. She has pretty much no business waving at me.

Fast-forward across a weekend. Monday afternoon, last class of the day (that I'm gonna bother showing up at, anyhow). I get the same seat as I did before. No problems there. I pull out my book and try to read. "Whatcha readin'?" I hear. I look to my right and see... glasses chick. Now I'm worrying a bit. On closer inspection (now warranted), she isn't particularly attractive and seems to be wearing the same clothes as the last two times I saw her. I show her my book's cover and hope the title (Cancer Ward) will convince her I'm a morbid bastard and scare her off. Unfortunately, I'm not that lucky. She persists and asks me if it's good. I answer "excellent."

That's the end of the story so far. I hope that stays the end. Something about this girl bugs me. Not sure what.

There's a lot of weird chicks here and I've had some weird experiences.

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Anonymous said...

There are a lot of weird guys here . . . and lots of beards.