Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Motor of the World's stopped again

Done with that existential crisis. I don't know why I let my self get like that sometimes, but I sure as heck do, as irrational as it may be.

However, there are pretty big crises going on elsewhere. You know, the resurgence of Communism, the regular warlording in Africa, gay people who complain too much when they don't get their way, Russia's rape of Eastern Europe, fatherless children, people who play class warfare and want my money, people who just don't get that what is mine is mine, and people who want my guns.

Hey! La plus change, la plus même.

I'm reading again. Right now I'm finishing up Mongoose R.I.P. and The Road Ahead. Next on my list is Atlas Shrugged, and I just finished the amazing Obasan. Ongoing things include Riots, U.S.A., Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and of course, the Book of Mormon.

But the darned pain in my back and knees better go away. I think the back pain is from sitting with crappy posture and I know the knee pain is from whacking my knees on too many fixed objects.

it may sound strange coming from a dude like me, but I hope Western capitalism fails. I love capitalism, but I hate it for the same reason Marx wasn't actually a big fan of Communism. Prophet, but not lover. See, according to Marxist theory, Communism is an intermediate, temporary step on the way to true socialism. That's what Marx really wanted. I feel that the capitalism we have today is flawed. If we could start over, we could rebuild it without all the stupid mandated sharing that goes on. We'd be a bit more like what Adam Smith (who was a way happier, and more successful, dude than Marx) thought we should be like.


Oh, and Jefferson was sort of a dork about that whole Revolution! thing. Why can't people just ignore the government? If it was more inefficient, we could. It's all Congress's fault.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to hate capitalism as well. I'm taking an introduction to communications class, and it's disgusting the amount of capitalism and what is being neglected for the capitalistic way. I mean, the media is basically trying to please people. It's disgusting when you really think about it. I mean, since when is the news media supposed to tell the people what they want to hear? Since when is there news that is profitable and other news that is not? And why should big issued in the world get neglected because some people don't want to hear about it or because they'd rather hear about something else? Whatever happened to self-discipline and the eradication of ignorance? Also, (the angry med-school-student-wannabe in me comes out), the hospital should not be a business! I have no more right to health care than the next guy! I'm a proponent of a nationalized health care program. Then again, look at the public school system. What is in the government's hands can easily become neglected. Ah, an endless cycle of corruption.

End Rant. Sorry.

Also, kissing in the rain? I don't know what's up with it; never tried it really. Has anyone tried it and found some sort of special anything about it? *shrugs* Pop culture's toll on society, I guess.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...


I don't hate capitalism! I love capitalism! It's the only way! Personal responsibility above all!

What I'm saying is that what we call capitalism isn't really capitalism. It's filled with "sharing" (yeah, including national health care, more on that in a moment) that defeats the whole purpose of individuals. Right now we have an opportunity to let the Big Three automakers go bankrupt, forcing the UAW out of the game and bringing about general corporate progress in that market as those corporations slim down and reorganize.

People say healthcare costs so much. Well look at this: Nationalized healthcare can only inflate the cost of medicine even more. A hundred, even fifty years ago when insurance wasn't quite so extensive as it is today doctors had to work for what their patients could afford. Even though it was a business, it was a Hippocratic business. The doctor had to take what he could get if he wanted to eat. Sometimes what he could get was nothing. Doctors in urban areas with wealthier customers could charge more, while doctors in rural areas had to charge less. When national insurance companies appeared, the way the system works drove up the prices artificially in poorer areas to match those in richer areas. Nationalizing (you know, socializing) will only drive costs higher while lowering the quality of care.

The kissing in the rain bit is from some old posts I had where I was discussing the best things to do with a girlfriend. Kissing in the rain kept coming up and I kept saying that it sounded dumb to me. Micheal said I was an idiot to do that. Something about I can't make other people believe the same as I.

Your Friendly Pinecone said...

Obasan IS AWESOME!!! but I think Ann Rand is a little misguided, you'll probley like her though.
I believe in the personal responcibility to actively help people, and that is all I dare to say on the politics subject cuz I know anything further will cause a nuclear explosion.
kudos for the reading list though