Sunday, October 5, 2008

I approve this message!

I was able to spend the last hour NOT refreshing Blogger. Amazing, hein? It was accomplished through the power of fine art. You see, I'm a photographer. It's fun. It's my hobby. As I've said before, I take pictures because it's pictures. So what I was doing was looking through my old photos and my Flickr to see if I had any good material lying around for deviantArt. I found some good stuff. I think three things to put on dA and one to put on Flickr. Hey, it doesn't hurt to go look. It takes all of fifteen minutes to look at every single thing I have on dA. I know; I just did it. Just go to the Gallery, go to page two, and... nah. I'll just give you a link. Above the picture there's a little link that says "back" and one that says "forward." Just keep clicking on those and you'll get through all of it pretty quickly.

I love self-promotion!

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