Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not very nice of me!

OK, I'm going to say that it was a little bit cruel of me to throw that last post at you guys. I didn't make that up, it was generated using a computer. That's why I said that it would scare me if anybody claimed to understand it. They'd have to be crazy or a liar.

Just should have given some advanced warning or whatever. You know, like if the Soviets decided to blow us up it would sure be nice if they told us first. That way we could go into a cave well-stocked with crackers and lead paint. I've seriously been in caves stocked with hard tack, by the way. America, home of the brave. We were willing to eat hard tack and salt pork for as long as it would take to beat the godless Communist oppressors.

(I'm actually watching MTV Cribs again, and the guy on now is an idiot. I don't think he can even read. MTV used to be good, dude. Where'd the magic go?)

And yeah, sorry again for giving some serious headaches to you guys. I can't even read that stuff. Luckily I know when to quit.

Did you notice that the paragraphs were more or less identical?


Anonymous said...

Umm...truthfully, I didn't really even read it. I read the intro then went...ok, ok, not really relavant, don't feel like reading it... end paragraph!!!

Video killed the radio star!

Blub said...

Well, it was discussing something grammar related, I think, but I stopped reading.

So I was right when I said "A Google search or two bring up a few very similar posts..."


Bullet Dodger! said...

We both kind of ignored it. Does this mean we're stupid, smart, or just apathetic? Or that we simply dodge things like this like bullets? Wow. That sounds hard core!

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

Probably smart. Only a stupid person would actually spend the time and effort necessary to read it.