Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pennin Manathai Thottu?

So last night I was sitting around bored, and I decide to look through my old bookmarks folder. Now I prefer direct URL entry to bookmarks, but I still have some.

One of the bookmarks I found was labeled "Why I eat at Bombay House." I like Indian food. I still remember the first time I had it. I was a little under the weather stomachwise to start with, but when I stayed at the hotel the next day rather than go out with the family, I still heated up some lamb curry and tandoori bread in the microwave. That was a day to remember.

Anyhow so in India they have really elaborate music videos. Even more elaborate are the movies. Full of huge song-and dance numbers, sort of like West Side Story or Hairspray or whatever (pick your poison). Thing is the song-and-dance numbers are much funnier to Western audiences. A freind of mine very accurately described it once as a whole village of Micheal Jacksons.

Anyhow here's the video.


Look at some of the other videos from India too.


Anonymous said...

My Indian friend invited me over one day to watch Indian movies. My family and I watch them all the time (with Arabic subtitles...which is interesting). They are like whole villages of Michael Jacksons, but it is always fun to watch. I like the "Punjabi" one. I haven't seen it in a long time (5-6 years). Good song:) And I went on Saturday to my friend's graduation party: all night they played music videos projected from a computer onto a big screen. It was very interesting. I'm glad I'm not the only non-Indian person who likes Indian movies/music videos:)

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

Mmmm. Curry still can't be beat. It's definitely not for the weak, though.