Sunday, May 11, 2008

I knew a kid named Fred who ate glue.

It's amazing how a little scribble next to a signature can brighten a guy's life for a few days.

It's amazing how putting that scribble in parentheses multiplies the effect tenfold.

It's amazing how moving my pick up against the strings instead of down makes the song I'm playing sound cheerier.

It's those little drops of rain. Except there's not really any pain to whisper about.

Kind of funny how I always thought the lyrics were different. It crushes my dreams. Knowing the truth changes everything.

I bet I just confused you. I bet you misunderstood that. Not your fault, it's only natural.

It reminds me of the time I said "mes cheveux... elles sont tres belles" to see if I could confuse people into thinking I was talking about the girl in the corner instead of my hair. It really should have been "mes cheveux... ils sont tres beaux."

Some things aren't meant to be said. "Things too silly to be said are sung," said Voltaire.

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