Sunday, April 6, 2008

You done a great "jorb" out there, RT

I almost got a job at the Apple Store yesterday, believe it or not.

We went there after lunch to get the little rubber sleeves for everyone's iPods. Naturally, I didn't have anything to do but stand around in my ripped jeans, red canvas belt, stained undershirt, plaid Vans, and unbuttoned flannel spelunking shirt (the point here is to demonstrate how much my "reformed grunge" style clashes with the sleek metrosexual look pushed by Apple) and make fun of the employees and customers. They actually used to call me "Mr. PC" there, but they got a whole bunch of new employees who don't know me.

Anyhow, Dad ended up getting sidetracked looking at a MacBook Air. Naturally, I had to explain the difference between a hard disk (I wish everyone would stop calling them hard drives!) and the new solid-state drives. He walked around to the back of the table and saw the Time Machine that Apple's selling now. What it basically is is a WiFi access point combined with a network-attached storage device. Point of note - don't buy an Apple AirPort Extreme. They suck. Go with a Linksys WRT45G.

So the employee comes over (one good thing about those stores is that they really do have good service) and tries to explain to Dad what it is. Dad says "Oh, it's like a server." Well, not as far as I can tell. It's just an NAS, an AP, a router, and a gateway in one box. That's too much to explain though. I'd have to tell him how the entire Internet works and wash away quite a few preconceived notions at the same time. But the worst was when the sales dude (man was he tall) said that a terabyte was 100 gigabytes. Oh, no. I corrected him. It's 1024 gigabytes, even though some manufacturers would say 1000 to boost their stats. Immediately I was asked if I wanted a job.

Too bad I thought they were joking. I would have fun teaching know-nothings about how stuff works.


Swiss said...

I think it is easier to explain what is does, than what it is. Time Capsule allows you to access the internet wirelessly and backups your files automatically together with the Mac OS 10.5 backup program "Time Machine".

BTW it is extremely difficult to read red text on a black background.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

Good point, but I tend to get overly technical. People think I talk jargon and nonsense just to sound smart.

Sorry about the red text. Personally, I find anything on a black background easier to read than anything on a white background. Red just seems to complement it. I believe the feed is black on white, though.

Who exactly are you, anyhow? As far as I know, I only have three readers and I'm proud to have gained a seemingly intelligent fan.

Anonymous said...

Only you would be smooth (is that the right word?) enough to pull off entering a store dressed like that and insulting everyone and walk out with a job offer. Kudos.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

Thanks, Dema.

I dunno, those Apple guys seem to like boat-rockers. And if I'm no boat-rocker, I'm nothing.

I guess it's the mark of a salesman.