Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Humans are people too.

Well, I'm having a party. A kick-butt HUGE party. The kind that's normally classified as a "kegger," except, seeing as how there won't be any liquor, then I think it'll just be a big party.

Right now I'm considering a guest list of approximately 100 persons (Woo sophomores!), and I'm sure half of them won't show up. That's fine. I don't like the people in that half anyhow. They're either jerks or losers or posers or I just plain don't know them. They aren't my real friends.

It'll be hard to get set up this fast for this many people. I'll need to make and distribute flyers. Or invitations, if you want to call them that. I'll need to by a buttload of soda (Jarritos!) and chips and stuff. I'll need to get out my chocolate fountain. I'll need to rent some Three Stooges DVDs and maybe get someone who owns Rock Band to come, but that tends to attract posers. Eww. I'll get out Twister and grill some hot dogs. I'll make sure nobody breaks their ankle like last time (we're going to have serious liability issues if it ever happens again).

I'll have to fine-tune the stereo, maybe.

I'll need to buy and/or make some real decorations (I'm not spray-painting a bamboo pole silver again, it's not Festivus).

I've already got some good dates down, in May. I want to make it a night (Friday!) that everyone can come, but I don't want to have it so close to exams that people will study instead.

I dunno, I think it might work. I'm not going to postpone it 6 times like that one party. I'm not going to wait until the week of to tell people, like that other party.

Cross your fingers!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...This sounds big! With you planning it, it should not be a disaster...:) Have fun!