Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry, guys.

Def Leppard.
'Nuff said.

You can never beat their style of hard-rocking, fun-having, one-armed-drumming, facemelting metal. Yes, they did have a one-armed drummer. And he is AWESOME. You oughta listen to him.

Gunter glieben glauchen globen!

Don't fall for this. If you do, however, please post a reply. It's for science.

Click here to visit the official Def Leppard site!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Cartoon. Epic.

Yeah, I decided to post another one of my cartoons. I notice that my output isn't as prolific as it used to be, probably because The Original Adventures of Foo Mankoo the China Man, while popular, was destroyed in a freak accident. I was working on The New Adventures of Foo Mankoo the China Man and His Gang for like two years, and lots of people liked those, but it started to feel a bit like Hanna-Barbera with all my cartoons being just remixes of each other. Plus the notebook I was using to source The New Adventures is in such bad repair that I'd have to scan all the old bits of stuff and go digital, which wouldn't be such a bad thing. I might do that this summer.

I remember the one with Freiherr Kaiser and me in it. I don't think I ever gave that one a series title. It was pretty good, except I used the same ending for every strip. I was in a weird mood the whole time I was doing that comic. Thus I had a weird expression in every strip. I don't think I got the punch lines out in a way that most people would have thought was funny. All of the jokes in that series were aimed at cartoonists anyhow. And the multilingual thing certainly didn't make it any more accessible.

I might bring Freiherr back as a hero in a new series. I'll give it a name and all. I'll come up with a new villain, more dastardly by far than Lao Che. It would help if I could find some old Freiherr Kaiser originals first.

Bitterness is never a good thing to have in cartoons. I know that firsthand.

This reminds me of the "Heroes of Terrorism" worksheet / coloring page I tried selling to little kids a few years ago. It was a great idea, but it didn't catch on because little kids don't know the difference between Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and Fallout Boy. GOODNESS those guys are terrorismifying. ouagohaog. men do not wear makeup.

Anyway, here's a link to the comic. The chick isn't a real person, just a generic because I can't draw girls and I'd feel insulting to botch the picture of a real person or put words in a real person's mouth, and we all know that I never insult people. But she really is just a generic.

Sorry about the impossible handwriting and the nerd humor.

Hey, lookie there, I had a post title that actually made sense.

I was going to try something new and put a signature on the post, but I remembered that that would both compromise my anonymity and pose an ID-theft risk.

On da radio:
Girls on Film - Duran Duran

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Humans are people too.

Well, I'm having a party. A kick-butt HUGE party. The kind that's normally classified as a "kegger," except, seeing as how there won't be any liquor, then I think it'll just be a big party.

Right now I'm considering a guest list of approximately 100 persons (Woo sophomores!), and I'm sure half of them won't show up. That's fine. I don't like the people in that half anyhow. They're either jerks or losers or posers or I just plain don't know them. They aren't my real friends.

It'll be hard to get set up this fast for this many people. I'll need to make and distribute flyers. Or invitations, if you want to call them that. I'll need to by a buttload of soda (Jarritos!) and chips and stuff. I'll need to get out my chocolate fountain. I'll need to rent some Three Stooges DVDs and maybe get someone who owns Rock Band to come, but that tends to attract posers. Eww. I'll get out Twister and grill some hot dogs. I'll make sure nobody breaks their ankle like last time (we're going to have serious liability issues if it ever happens again).

I'll have to fine-tune the stereo, maybe.

I'll need to buy and/or make some real decorations (I'm not spray-painting a bamboo pole silver again, it's not Festivus).

I've already got some good dates down, in May. I want to make it a night (Friday!) that everyone can come, but I don't want to have it so close to exams that people will study instead.

I dunno, I think it might work. I'm not going to postpone it 6 times like that one party. I'm not going to wait until the week of to tell people, like that other party.

Cross your fingers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I used to have a yellow bike.

I have a tube of yellow paint on my desk. I used it to paint a wooden short bus I made.


I drive around the county before sunrise every morning (Radar Love!). It's pretty fun. But as it approaches sunrise, and the morning DJ's get on the air, skool buses come out to eat their prey. They crawl around the curves of the country roads, searching out their breakfast.

When they find a child they want to digest (about every 25 yards, if that), they flash all sorts of warnings and stop. A guard steps out and wands the child, who is wearing a white shirt reaching to his ankles. You know, makes sure the kid isn't carrying a stolen gun to tear up the insides of the bus with.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You done a great "jorb" out there, RT

I almost got a job at the Apple Store yesterday, believe it or not.

We went there after lunch to get the little rubber sleeves for everyone's iPods. Naturally, I didn't have anything to do but stand around in my ripped jeans, red canvas belt, stained undershirt, plaid Vans, and unbuttoned flannel spelunking shirt (the point here is to demonstrate how much my "reformed grunge" style clashes with the sleek metrosexual look pushed by Apple) and make fun of the employees and customers. They actually used to call me "Mr. PC" there, but they got a whole bunch of new employees who don't know me.

Anyhow, Dad ended up getting sidetracked looking at a MacBook Air. Naturally, I had to explain the difference between a hard disk (I wish everyone would stop calling them hard drives!) and the new solid-state drives. He walked around to the back of the table and saw the Time Machine that Apple's selling now. What it basically is is a WiFi access point combined with a network-attached storage device. Point of note - don't buy an Apple AirPort Extreme. They suck. Go with a Linksys WRT45G.

So the employee comes over (one good thing about those stores is that they really do have good service) and tries to explain to Dad what it is. Dad says "Oh, it's like a server." Well, not as far as I can tell. It's just an NAS, an AP, a router, and a gateway in one box. That's too much to explain though. I'd have to tell him how the entire Internet works and wash away quite a few preconceived notions at the same time. But the worst was when the sales dude (man was he tall) said that a terabyte was 100 gigabytes. Oh, no. I corrected him. It's 1024 gigabytes, even though some manufacturers would say 1000 to boost their stats. Immediately I was asked if I wanted a job.

Too bad I thought they were joking. I would have fun teaching know-nothings about how stuff works.