Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm flavor-blasted! Get it?

I just took a trip to California for my spring break. Fun stuff.

The thing is, it was snowing at my home city (Southeastern United States) on the day I left. Now, I have yet to check my reliable sources, but I'm darn sure the stuff had melted before nine the following morning. It wasn't real thick, and there wasn't a whole ton of it, but it WAS very wet. Very wet.

Being at the airport at dusk in the snow felt so much like Shadow Moses that I couldn't help playing "Discovery" by KCE Japan Sound Team on my iPod. Yes, I DO have that on my iPod. In fact, to heck with Pandora and The Beatles, I'm going to play the whole album right now on iTunes.

'Nuff with the accidental endorsements.

So, it was like being at Shadow Moses. I took some pictures. I think I deleted them. What with the black and white, the blur, and the snow, most of them were too surreal even for me. I kept a few really neat ones though. You might ask me to show them to you.

Speaking of such, I beat Metal Gear REX on the plane. I seem to get a lot of boss fights done on planes.

So we got to my relatives really late. Woohoo.

Next day I woke up and went shooting in the desert. I took some more really good pictures. I shot a Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum revolver (fun stuff!!!), a Mini-14 (fun stuff!!!), a .22 with a scope on it (fun stuff!), a homemade musket (fun stuff!!), and of course, a WWII-era M1911 (fun stuff!!!!).

Turns out my grandparents have an original Magnavox Odyssey2. If you don't know, that's one of the oldest console gaming systems there is, and as far as I know, extremely rare. I took it apart and took some more pictures.

I think all I have to do now is build an adapter so I can use it with a modern TV. Stupid non-standard RF fitting >P.

We went and ate Korean food one night. That was good. I think that was the same day as when we went to the Office in Long Beach. If you're in my family, you understand what the Office in Long Beach is. Otherwise, tough peanuts.

I went to the beach a good two or three times. I got a new swimsuit just so I could. It has a few wide blue and white stripes, like what people wore a hundred years ago.

I went on a campus tour of CalTech in Pasadena. Man, they are NERDY there. They get bonus points for that. They also have a basketball team that's almost as bad as the Phillies (yeah, different sports, but for the record the Phillies are the losingest team in the history of ALL sports). More bonus points. It seems that they also have a big thing for elaborate pranks. Mondo bonus points. I got a hat that says JPL, a t-shirt that's prank-related, and a t-shirt with a diagram of a caffeine molecule on it. Not that I drink coffee. I just like chemistry.

We ate at Tommy's. It's better than Wienerschnitzel. Wienerschnitzel doesn't even sell schnitzel. Tommy's is awesome.

We ate at In N Out. That's also pretty sweet. They have good service. I can speak regular, polite English to get a meal. J'accuse, McDonald's.

I went to Fry's. Now that is an AWESOME store. They have a whole aisle of floppy disks! Clearly a place for me.

Let's see. I'm pretty sure I covered all the meaty stuff, but I think I missed something. All the news that's fit to type, you know.

Anyhow. On the plane back I finally got Plan 9 from Bell Labs to boot properly. I even got Rio to run. Only took a whole battery's worth of power.

I also read some French stuff. L'Equipe, their version of Sports Illustrated, Mieux Vivre/Votre Argent, and a catalog from Faconnable.

Hm. I still can't shake that feeling. I know I left some stuff out intentionally.

Hey, if you ask, I'll show you the 390 pictures I took. You might enjoy that.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like an amazing trip. I stand firmly by what I said before: Nerds unite! :)

Jellyfish said...

Love the pic, btw.