Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storm (The fury? The eye? The lame excuse for a title?)

The other night we had a "bad storm" here. You know, water vapor, water droplets, jets of plasma shooting down from the sky. Bit of atmospheric pressure displacement too. You know, that newfangled "wind" stuff. It went in a circle in some places. It tore up a mall that I never went to.

I took some pictures! It's hard to get a good shot of lightning. You have to have 1/3200 second exposure and continuous shutter release. Plus you have to be good at actually taking pictures. You know, like artsy. I got some really bad lightning pictures, but it's lightning nonetheless.

Yes, I do believe that the cloud you see is a funnel cloud. I may be wrong though, so don't place any bets.

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Anonymous said...

These are really cool. I wish my mom had let me go outside...:)