Sunday, February 10, 2008

I just made up a new slang word! Can you find it? First to tell me what it means wins!

The other day I was joking with a friend that I oughta buy a t-shirt that says: "I hate your favorite band(s)!"

Now don't take that literally, or as an insult, because I'm listening to Gwen Stefani right now and I know plenty of people like her. It's just that if somebody has studied musicology (I doubt that's the proper term, let's call it music relations) as in-depth as I have (and I know it's not really all that deep, what I've done, but still), they would tend to wonder why people listen to some kinds of music and why some bands claim to belong to a certain genre.

Take, for example, Guns N' Roses. I used to like them. I don't anymore, except for pretty much one song, Mr. Brownstone. Maybe Live and Let Die. I figure it's because of the fact that they get way overplayed. I mean, Sweet Child of Mine did have a pretty neat riff in it, but that doesn't warrant the Fanjungismus it gets.

Then there's the bands that have 100 songs that sound exactly the same. Notably, you have Linkin Park, along with Nickelback and a bunch of other bands. Pretty much most modern bands.

Then we have the awesomest/poserest bands that only know one chord - the Power Chord. Totally 1337 to the xtreem, these bands know how to make more noise than any other, using only that one chord. I'm thinking bands like Green Day, Fallout Boy, &c. that claim to be heirs to the Punk Movement of 1976. Fools, the Clash said that you have to know THREE chords to be a punk band.

Maybe it's just that none of these bands have a keyboardist or an organist. Maybe it's because the lyrics are all crap.

I wish Smash Mouth was still around. Where's the Baha Men when you need them? Why doesn't The Fall get any airtime outside of Janet's Planet? Why did Van Halen have to get that Hagar moron? Why did Scorpions come out with a new, mediocre album? Why do people like Tom Morello so much more than Tom Verlaine? Why do people laugh at Rick Astley? Why do I find Dinosaur Jr. so disappointing?

I just hope I have a Smashing Time when my cousin comes down to London for a week.


Jellyfish said...

Fanjungismus, right? Sounds like something that gets lots of fans and attention for no reason?

I must agree, lots of the bands today are very generic and stereotypical.

That's why I'm not a big music listener. Despite that fact that I'm listening to the Havard Din and Tonics at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I lost. Oh, well. I agree with you completely, Artie. Ironically, my friend and I were talking about how bands tend to write songs to fit in a mold now. No originality.