Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dokken is an OK band.

Hm. Today I guess I had fun. Doing what, Heaven knows. But still, I feel that I must have accomplished something today. I think I slept through homeroom. I know I pwn'd in French. I know my eyes are watering now. Darn, I'm tired.

I didn't have to go to my sister's class play (I actually DID want to go, imagine that) because I had to do my AP US History homework. So I spent several hours with Microsoft Word and Wikipedia learning about the Hawley-Smoot Act (yeah, funny name, but apparently it was referenced in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I guess I don't remember it because I was too busy laughing at the analogous scene in WarGames. Good times.), which was apparently greatly responsible for the Depression. That reflects badly on my home sate of Utah, which I believe was the home state of Smoot (Senator, R). Now I could care less about Oregon, the home state of Hawley (Representative, I thinks he's an R too). I mean, who needs Oregon? It's a flippin' British colony, for goodness sake. It sounds like some sort of herb. Maybe it's oregano, which sounds similar. Maybe it's pot, which I hear gets a lot of mileage on the West Coast. Oregon. I'm going to go try to write a song about Oregon now.

Why is this making me think of teeth? I don't think of teeth a lot. I was reading an old NatGeo (not for the naked people, I don't think there even were any in the issue I was reading. Somewhere in the first half of 1964.) and I saw a Yemeni whitewasher with terrible teeth.

Let's come full circle.

Schlotzsky's Deli. Funny name, serious sandwich. We have pizza too, wethinks. Er, wethunk. What's wrong here?

Hawley-Smoot. Funny name, serious legislation. It'll make your home state seem like a drug, but at least you don't need to brush your teeth after you read it.

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