Friday, January 11, 2008

World War

I have a World War raging in my home.

It's Green versus the Unified Army of Tan, Grey, and Renegade Green.

The UA fights to destroy the Green supply lines that run through the wet towel jungles of the bathroom.

The Green seeks to eradicate the UA hideouts in the downstairs, but take heavy losses from ambushes in the kitchen.

The UA rarely foray into the bedroom, where the Green garrison is located and the majority of their strength resides.

Green tank patrols often encounter UA mechanized infantry on the landing.

The office affords a DMZ where neither side has much of an influence, while the recroom is a no-man's-land where niether side can have an influence.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Now for an explanation of these images. I went out today to do some telephoto work, and these are the results. The one with the base of the bottle on the sand is simply a piece of glass on a sandbar in a creek. The one with the other glass is some bottles I shot up with a BB gun a while back, once again on a sandbar in the creek. The one with the water and the leaf is simply that. The ferns and whatnot is ferns and whatnot.