Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just got a haircut. It makes me look like a redheaded Cory Doctorow. Really, I do.

We're sort of alike. I hate copyright laws too. They're only used by managers to embezzle legally from artists. For example, what band from 20 years ago still makes money off of their royalties? None of them, it's some fat chump in a wingback chair who gets all the cash. Authors may need publishers to reach a profitable audience, but they have to give away a huge portion of if not all of their creative control to the publishing house. Cartoonists are chained to marketing, just ask Bill Watterson. At least visual - arts people are smart enough to have avoided syndication.

Publish your work under creative commons or no-rights licensing today and help preserve the American way.


Jellyfish said...

Does Cody Doctorow hate copyright laws or something? How did that topic come up?

Anonymous said...

Your haircut is nice, by the way.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

Yes, he does fight abuse of copyrights.

Thank you. I appreciate your compliment.