Sunday, December 9, 2007


I made cookies today. I haven't eaten one yet (I'm saving them for breakfast), but they're probably good.

I'm a good cook. I enjoy cooking. People are always surprised to find that out. They think cooking's for gay guys or something (I'm not gay). I'll have them know that cooking is science! The way brownie mix works is similar to the way paint works. The mix is like the pigment. The eggs are binders, which glue the whole thing together, and the oil and water reconstitute the chocolate.

Now I just have to convince people that it's OK that I like Jane Eyre.

I have the cards stacked against me in so many ways.


CPM studios said...

Those with knowledge and a fascination of alien controversies like Camp Hero are hailed paranoid(cough*me*cough).Homosexuality was very common in Rome.You'd see a gay and a teenage boy in matrimony!Now the term is replacing stupidity and great people like Freddy Mercury were gay and they rocked!I have nothing against gays.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

I do. They contribute to the slow moral decline of society. Why do you think the Roman Empire fell? Because the rich and powerful were spending more time in bed with boys than building republican government.

CPM studios said...

Gay marriage is a debatable topic.The Roman empire lasted long enough to spread word about the Latin language through their literature and we still ponder how they manage to let their government to fall.When a straight person thinks of gay,they think of a man who desires every man and shops at Abercrombie and Fitch.

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

You know what? I can use my superior intellect to beat you down on any subject, but I don't really need to on this.

Your points seem to contradict each other.

Anyway, I will condescend to say that homosexual marriage does not result in either offspring or a natural family unit, both of which are harmful to society.

I'm not allowing you to post to this section anymore. It doesn't need to fall into a flame war.