Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blogging is hard work.

Blogging is hard work. I feel like I have this obligation to perform well.

I never considered myself a good writer. It's not a self esteem issue so much as an issue with the fact that I don't write poetry like the people classically thought of as good writers.

I write technical manuals. I write emails. I write profound speeches intended to rile up the masses to my cynical cause.

I never wrote for beauty. I never wrote to express any sort of emotion. I never wrote to do anything except communicate simple ideas and bits of data to people.

I'm a programmer at heart, so I appreciate the way code can become it's own kind of poetry. The statements made by a programmer can be woven into a simple pattern that has an infinite intrinsic power.

That's what poetry is. It's an attempt to form the natural languages of man in such a way that the words become more than words. They become symbols for something greater, something that exists somewhere in the hearts of all men and can never be totally extinguished from the human race.

We just need to keep talking. We need to realize the power that we wield, the power that no other form of life has ever had. The power to progress, but also the power to destroy. The power to influence something so mighty yet so fickle as mankind.

Humans seem to forget exactly what kind of gift they have been given. None of what we have could ever have existed before language was handed to men by some sort of Promethic messenger from heaven. None of what ever has been could ever have existed. Concepts themselves did not exist in the time before language. Only a barren world where the unwritten laws of Newtonian physics existed before that time.

Language is dynamic. It's like a four-way stop. The patterns of usage change constantly. For example, "thee" and "thou" used to be the singular forms of "you." But after 1066, French customs of using plural to indicate respect had influenced the English in such a way that those forms fell almost entirely out of use.

The same thing happens every day throughout the world. People with no understanding of their power effect our language in quite a negative way. Every day a new foul phrase is thought up, a new improper construction invented.

And they think it's cool to be misunderstood. I thought kids who were misunderstood were supposed to slit their wrists and listen to My Chemical Romance.

Oh wait, they do.

I respect my language, and I especially respect the French and Germans. The French
have a council that decides whether or not to allow new words to be used, and even gender of nouns is tightly controlled. The Germans for a century or more argued over whether Fraktur or Antiqua was more German and how those typefaces reflected the German history. (Personally, I favor Fraktur. I find it easier to read German in Fraktur than in Antiqua.)

I want to contribute.

In the words of David Waters, "all we have to do is... keep talking."


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