Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Almost there.

I'm finally to page 250 or so in Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It's an excellent book, and I recommend it to all.

The literacy in the metropolis of my county (Sacrifices to Zeus for the fact that I don't actually live in said ambiguous major metropolitan area) is horrible. Approximately one third of all adults in the city are functionally illiterate. That means that they can spell their name and they can fill out the forms for welfare properly, but they can't read a newspaper or in many cases even a children's book.

Now don't get me wrong about what I'm going to say in a moment. I love America, and I would be the first person to kill or be killed for the sake of George Washington. I would bleed my last drop of blood to keep the stripes on that high-flying flag red, and I love the freedoms God so wisely gave me that this land has not stolen like so many others.

You think other countries are free? Think again. England doesn't allow it's citizens to carry (or in many cases even own) firearms. Germany keeps tabs on all of the hackers. China keeps a tight grip on any form of religion (or free assembly, for that matter), while all Communist countries steal money from those who under the principles of Marxism deserve it most, the proletariat.

No, America is the freest nation on the Earth by God's grace.

But I sometimes feel that it may be the most ignorant.

Walking down the street to the arena to see a world-famous choir perform, my family was accosted by several youths who were selling candy. They asked if we had tickets to the basketball game. Of course not, there was no basketball game. They might have known that if they could read.

Exiting the skool one day, I ran into some people. Some of them were old buddies, some were current friends, and a few I did not know. Upon seeing my copy of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, they were curious as to why I was reading it. No problem, I don't mind explaining, but these were what are considered well read kids. And I mean well read, there were a few geniuses in the group. (Yeah, I really look up to the person I'm hyperlinking, OK?) They should have been able to recognize it.

I watch a little television (mostly anime that I Tivo) and I read the newspaper every day. I see examples of the stupidest kind of people, and I mean Deal-or-No-Deal-spastic-contestant stupid.

The thing is that these people are quoted like they know something. It would be fine and dandy for The Onion to quote these people that way, but a serious newspaper never should. In fact, our local newspaper would contain more newsworthy content if it was run by The Onion.

At least it hasn't infected The Wall Street Journal yet.

Here's the plan, OK? I'm going to plant Blotto Boxes all over America. When they go off, the phone networks will shut down. Internet access and any kind of phone service (yes, that includes cell phones - they require land lines to work, moron!) will stop.

Then I'm going to buy 150 shares in the Chinese Communist Party (they had their IPO in September) and get myself a post in charge of cell phone manufacture. I'll redesign cell phones so that they really do give people brain cancer! It's not as if they don't make people retarded already.

Then I'll make myself a Brigadier General in their army. Yeah, party members can do that. I'll invade San Francisco using microtanks offloaded from shipping containers. When all the degenerates in America come to defend their moronic Mecca, they'll get slaughtered because they don't realize that the Chinese don't follow the Geneva Conventions against shooting meaty bullet absorbers.

Too bad it can't work. Blotto Boxes don't work (well, nobody knows, it's too dangerous to set one off) and I'd rather fling myself into a meat grinder than join a Communist Party, even one as inept as the Chinese one.

Oh well...
Only 700 pages to go.

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