Monday, November 19, 2007

New Camera!

I finally got a good camera. The classic AE-1 Program.

Ninja bugs me about how digital's better, but I convinced him. Compared to digital, the AE-1P has a 25 megapixel resolution. But resolution isn't what makes a camera great. It's the stability that film provides, the control I can achieve, that make this camera great.

This camera is 20 years old, and it still takes pictures that are state of the art (for film). Ninja's Nikon D40, while a really cool camera, will probably be out of date in less than a decade, and by some standards already is.

I can do anything I want with this camera. I can develop it myself, I can control the exposure, and I can look really important while I compose the scene. Ninja can Photoshop all he wants, but I still have the edge of getting it all right the FIRST time.

Yes, I wouldn't just pop this baby out for casual snapshots. A (reasonably) cheap digital camera (like a Fujifilm) can take good enough pictures easily enough to fill that purpose. But for any professional or technical photography, film is the way to go. Well, most any professional work; weddings are an exception. You know how impatient brides can be.

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