Monday, October 22, 2007

Roger Taylor hates Nazis!

I was looking on Youtube for a video of Paranoia to play along with (and eventually rip the sound from) and I saw a link to some song called "Nazis" by Roger Taylor.

They say they didn't happen now
They say they didn't happen
What the Nazis did to the Jews
We gotta kick these f***ing Nazis

Wow, guess he feels strongly about that. It was pretty cool with the drumbeat and the neat grafix. Considering how he was on a big pedestal at the beginning, I figured he was emulating Hitler and was actually pro-Nazi. As a recovering Nazi myself (just kidding [sorta]), I was worried for a second that it might give a relapse like I had after I ripped a copy of Die Horst Wessel Lied from Youtube for a project and ran across some band called Estwiking that was actually just a bunch of Estonian Nazis.

Roger Taylor vid

Estwiking vid

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