Monday, October 15, 2007

Look, the skin just peeled right off!

I just ran over a frog with the lawn mower. On accident, of course. It was weird because even though it was actually quite disturbing, I actually thought it was sorta cool in a sciency way.

Damage report:

> Skin peeled off the back
> Right front foot missing
> Left eye missing (The right eye was still in the socket, but it was exposed.)
> Portion of skull damaged.
> Entire rear portion, from belly-button area down, missing
> Blood

Interestingly enough, it was still alive. For a few minutes, anyhow. As soon as I got back from getting a camera, it was dead. Its remaining foot sort of tried to hop at first, and when I picked it up by that foot to throw it away, it tensed up.

It reminds me of that thing I saw on TV about how they dispose of medical waste. They dump the trash (syringes, cups, bandages, body parts) into a huge hopper and it falls down into a shredder/grinder. The guy who designed the machine put a window right where the spinning blades were, and you could see little drops of blood splattering on it and then being rinsed off.

Anyhow, here's some pics:

Pic one
Pic two

Is it ironic that I'm listening to Dead or Alive (Journey) right now?